Namgar is an international ethno collective, fusing traditional Buryat and Mongolian music with elements of pop, jazz, folk, ambient soundscapes and art-rock that doesn't sound quite like anything else. Lhasaranova's impressive vocal range can go from playful and childlike to gigantic and soaring within the space of a few minutes.

Formed by producer Artur Pilyavin and musician Evgenii Zolotarev, the band has been successfully touring around the world since 2010.

The debut album was released in 2003 in Moscow. Since then the band has 6 albums.The last album "Nayan Navaa" in 2021 topped the charts of international music - Transglobal World Music, took first places in the charts as the best album, was nominated by the magazine Songlines as one of the best Asian albums of 2021.
The album received an excellent reviews on radio, online and in printed media.

The band has performed at prestigious international festivals: Hong Kong Arts Festival, Oslo Music Festival, Fusion /Germany, Vancouver Folk Festival, Shambhala Festival, Winnipeg, Diaghilev Festival, Shanghai World Music Festival, Rainforest World Music/Malaysia, Global Fest/Webster Hall, tours in Canada, Japan, Norway, Great Britain, China, Korea, France, Germany, solo concert at the Kennedy Center, Ruby Art Museum, etc.
From the very beginning of the band's creation, the musicians have been recording albums and continuing to tour.

The band has an excellent musical collaboration with musician Markus Reuter (a great international project of Steppe Scape), Markus R. produced Namgar's album "The Dawn of the Foremothers", recorded in Hanover.

In 2014, at the invitation of the Norwegian festival, the album "Nordic Namgar" was created with a great jazz musicians of Norway, the album's producer Ole Jørn Myklebust.

Namgar is invited to record soundtracks for films at the invitation of composer A.Aigui.Her voice and the sound of instruments can be heard in several films.

The melodic music that Namgar creates was inherited by Lhasaranova from her grandparents and father, who sang to her as a child. The original arrangements are new, but the stories told in the songs are as old as the indigenous Buryats themselves, with stories and myths of ancient Mongolian warriors, champions, horses and famous battles.

For 10 years Namgar has been performing all over the world at major international
festivals, captivating the audience with the versatility and depth of Buryat folk songs.
An authentic voice, mastery of different singing styles and careful
attitude to folk material made Namgar a unique keeper
of traditional Buryat-Mongolian music.
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