• "The music played by Namgar is compared with dances of shamans, with conspiracies, with the songs of the cosmos. And that's true. Such projects appear with some special, abundant music, periodicity and regularly penetrate the mental armor of time."
    Alexander Volkov
  • "Her power, energy and amazing vocal range go beyond words and language, taking her audience on a journey to Siberia and the world of the Buryats, people whose roots reach back to Ghengis Khan and the Mongolian Empire."

    Martha Wikett
    Salmon Arm Observer
  • "There's a kind of music that conjures up images of clear blue skies, horses roaming an emerald-coloured horizon. It's the traditional music of the Buryats, an ethnic Russian minority that practices Tibetan shamanism and lives a nomadic lifestyle similar to their cousins in Mongolia."
    Jenny Uechi
  • "Possibly among the most obscure bands to appear in festival history, Namgar was well-received in the capital city, as it was nights previous in Vancouver, where it sold the last of its CDs."

    David Bohatyretz
  • "There are songs that I never dare to mix with modern arrangements. And there are others - they want to sing in a new way. In my life synthesis prevails, first of all, because our creative union with Evgeny Zolotaryov largely determined the style of music that we play."
    Maria Trokai
    Interview with Namgar. KAMWA Festival (Russia)
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