Dear friends ♡,
We are happy to share some news - we are launching our first crowdfunding campaign for the new album that will be released in spring 2021.
♪♫ ◟¶(⁄•˅̥•∖)⁋ ♪♬
An international team of musicians - from Buryatia, Russia, Norway, Germany and the Republic of Tyva - will work on this album.
We have amazing lots – from album with our signatures to personal on-line concert – that you can buy to support the campaign.
This is very exciting experience for us and we are sure that we can do it together, that your desire to support us, your loving energy will certainly make possible to release a disc of traditional Buryat music.
Please wish us a good start and join our beautiful journey into the world of my ancestors' melodies.
Link to our page is here :
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