Nayan Navaa album available now
Nayan Navaa (lyric video)

Boori deeguur

Dear friends, our album has been released and you can listen to it on all platforms, order it online!
Many of the most beautiful people are involved in it.
Many thanks to musicians who worked on the song :
* Merlin Ettore
* Alexey Baev
* Radik Tyulyush
* Gennady Lavrentiev
* Teemur Zolotarev
* SERGEY GREBSTEL—Mixing and Mastering
Thank you for "Miss Infinity":
* Zorikto Dorzhiev
* Khankhalaev Gallery
* For the beautiful poems about the land of the ancestors of Bair Dugarov!
We sincerely thank our friend, our concert agent • Juliana Volož, thanks to her we managed to record an album!
There are people like Arthur Pilyavin on our way who easily and beautifully help in life, without realizing it..
* Kristina Atanova album design.
* Our new friends who supported us in the crowdfunding!
* Since December and until now, we have been in a daily,dense and fruitful correspondence with the nice, young people of ARC Music.
Their support inspires and pleases !
Namgar & national orchestra of Buryatia
Namgar. International festival "Music of our hearts"(Zara)

The Spirit Of Tengri 2015 - Nordic Namgar (LIVE)


Namgar .Клуб "Шаболовка 37"/Acoustics/

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