Yaboo-Aidoo single is out now
Dear friends,
we are pleased to share with you a new song called
"Yaboo Aidoo .."
The traditional melody of buryats, which live in the beautiful mountainous area of the Republic of Buryatia - Tunhenei Aymag.

¬ęBuryat's round dance (Yohor) in the old days were an
integral part of ritual games and were associated with
tribal places of worship held here by prayers and sacrifices,
which was reflected in the traditional name
of the circular dance - naadan, yohor.

*Now we are working on the second song of the new album.
We have not yet come up with the name of the album and design,
but we know for sure that all the songs will be associated
with archival melodies of our Buryat people.
In autumn of 2019, we worked in the archives of Russia
and once again were struck by the beauty and depth of the
root songs of our ancestors.
And so I want to pass them on to the younger generation,
many of whom do not know their native language.

Nordic Namgar
The Dawn of the Foremothers
Namgar & national orchestra of Buryatia
The Spirit of Tengri Festival-Nordic Namgar.
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